Welcome to Velab

The art of glass is lighting

Thirty years of experience on the art of glass blowing process to create unique works. Give value to environments with lighting and furnishing communicating trough the transparent soul and without the glass time. High-quality, simple, rich, expressive, beautiful, glass is our passion and our ability to give form to the invisible, the instrument trough which we express the made in Italy, the passion for craftsmanship and the most versatile design. Welcome to our web site, a short trip in our dimension.

Our history

Thirty years of passion

The story of Velab is that of a classic small firm steeped in values that forged a time our society. Passion, dedication, availability and such skill in trasforming simple glass into works of art that can enhance light and space with rich forms of timeless design. The skill of our blowers masters gave space to the most creative uses of glass, from gifts to furnishings, from lightings to technological applications.


Quality creates trust

Our experience today is entirely at the disposal of our customers to create the finest glass objects of furiture able to move for decades just watching them give light and shape the environments around the world. By internationally renowned designers to the small store by special touches, Velab has created thousands works made by hand that now enrich houses, villas, hotels, banquet halls, restaurants and bistros across Europe. Our sol is artisan, our unique works, our incessabile passio and unchanged. The techniques now look to the future design of the glass in this context.

Our Team

First of all people

When the Velab experience began 30 years ago, it was of a different value to the human relationship that often, above all in the society of south Italy, which we now proudly represent, was placed above the material exchange. Today, while everything runs so hard toward the conquest of the world, we repeat the important value of people above the product. We give color, shape and identity to our products, we are first and foremost with people we love to share our talents and our passions. These are our expressions, our looks, our faces. This is the Velab Team.

Production and Quality Manager
Head Blower
Administrative secretary
Responsible for Painting Department
Assembling and Finishing
CEO & Founder